GLOBAL Recruiting Overseas Business Partners

We at the Daiki Suisan Group welcome inquiries and consultations from companies pursuing the following objectives.


Those without connections to Japan but who are looking to get involved in the Japanese food and marine product business.
(Those looking to be supplied with Japanese ingredients or operate a Japanese restaurant)


Those currently operating a Japanese restaurant but who are looking for new products or ways to expand their business by acquiring new knowledge.


Those looking to trade in Japanese fresh fish and frozen marine products of a price and quality not available elsewhere. Or those looking to share knowledge regarding methods of sale, etc.


Those wishing to approach us as a tenant for a commercial facility or property they own.
(Requesting a branch, restaurant or shop)

the future of global businessthe history of global business

  Business Partner Mail Form If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us via our contact form. After receiving your email.