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GLOBAL The Future of Our Overseas Operations

By increasing the percentage of our overseas business henceforth and providing the opportunity for an even greater number of people to enjoy delicious fish, we will promote the further spread of Japanese food culture around the globe. In particular we will develop businesses that specialize in the following.

Exporting Marine Products

By taking advantage of our distribution and nationwide production networks,
we aim to speedily deliver Japanese fresh fish and frozen marine products to countries around the globe.

Not simply carrying out product exportation,
we will further provide extensive after-sales support (sales and pricing methods) and develop our businesses so as to create a win-win scenario between us and our clients.

Overseas Expansion

In order for our overseas customers to become more familiar with Daiki Suisan,
we have capitalized on the strengths of our restaurants and stores and,
centering on Southeast Asia, will begin expanding overseas.

Specifically, we will develop shops ranging in size from 700 ft2 (attached foodcourt) to 5300 ft2 (combined restaurant and retail facilities) that are filled with various original dishes created from our marine products. Our branches will also be designed with a space dedicated for events, making this an area where people all over the world can come to dine and have fun.

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