A Space to Experience Japanese Cuisine and ‘Omotenashi’ Hospitality

Centered on Osaka, Daiki Suisan operates approximately 50 restaurants and shops.

What is the reason overseas customers enjoy Daiki Suisan in particular among other stores in Japan?


The sushi is really fresh compared to other companies’!

I’ve never experienced such freshness in my own country


The staff are cheerful and always deliver welcoming service!

Even though we don’t speak the same language…


The dishes are filling and reasonably priced!

They’re cheaper than other companies!


I was able to try a variety of fish dishes besides sushi.

There was no need to worry about only eating raw food


My Japanese friends recommended it too!

Japanese say Yes! to Daiki Suisan

Sushi Restaurant Branches

  Other Store List

These are a few of the reasons customers choose Daiki Suisan.

In addition to individual customers, the following restaurants also accommodate larger groups.

Daiki Suisan Kaiten Sushi Restaurant
Dotombori Branch

Daiki Suisan Kaiten Sushi Restaurant
Rinku Branch

Daiki Suisan Kaiten Sushi Restaurant
Temmabashi Branch

Tenka-no-Daidokoro Daiki Suisan Seafood Restaurant
Sakai Branch

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